Activate Your Inner Intuitive - May 23, 2019 6:30-8:30

You ARE intuitive!

YOU have an amazing ability to tap into your intuition to assist you on your life path and to heal yourself.

Now is the time to activate your intuitive gifts to guide you to the life you want to live!

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Sound Reiki® Online - Launching Soon

Take a quantum leap in the level of your understanding of sound healing, self-healing and how you can move energy and raise your vibration. 

This program will cover valuable knowledge that will expand your intuitive abilities. You will receive a Sound Reiki Level One Certificate from the Sound Reiki Institute.

  • Learn Muscle Testing and start using your Intuitive GPS immediately
  • Learn how to create a Chamber of Light, your own protective energy shield and a great meditation that you can use every day    
  • Energy Cords, is someone “tying” you to them? Learn how to rest for negative energy cords and how to de-cord yourself and eliminate the cause of a major drain on your energy and vibration
  • Chakra Balancing, learn about the importance of chakras and how to balance and ground them instantly


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