Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.

Dalai Lama

It seemed like such a complicated journey, but luckily I had someone to guide me.


Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

Dr. Seuss

Meditation sessions with Heather are extraordinary. A fear I had has been explained and has proven very helpful to me. For three days after another meditation session, I felt so relaxed; it was like being on an extended holiday.


Life changing? Absolutely! Loved every minute.


Thanks Heather, I owe a lot of good things happening in my life currently to positive thinking and aligning with the Universe. I am seeing the benefits of the Meditation sessions. You are truly an inspirational leader and our group has commented on the positive aspects of our class in their lives.


"Attending Heather's meditations have given me one of the best tools anyone could have to battle the stresses of everyday life. It makes me a better person, and I like that. Even for a 'newbie' like myself, it was incredibly effective. You cannot pass up an opportunity like this, it really is magnificent.


"I was skeptical when I started, but the feeling of calm and clarity that I got out of it was obvious.


We really enjoyed the course and I think it's very beneficial in our lives.


I have been a realtor in the Toronto area for 30 years. I've had my share of houses that just wouldn't sell. It just didn't make sense that they would not sell but somehow the houses just didn't feel right in some way. About 7 years ago I began asking Heather to look into the state of the houses, she would cleanse the home and shortly thereafter the house would sell. Honestly there was a different feeling in the houses when you walked in. Recently I listed a home that several other agents were unable to sell and the seller was adamant about leaving the list price the same. I asked Heather to check things out and to cleanse the house that afternoon. We had 4 appointment requests that day....more than she had in total with the previous agent during a 1 month listing. The next day I met with the owner and there was a palpable difference in how the house felt to me when I walked in. I left the home an hour later and received a call from one of the agents who had shown the house to tell me that she had an offer for us. I sold the house that night for more than the owner had expected. It had been on and off the market for over a year with other agents...I had it listed for 3 days. Thank you Heather


Thank you Heather for the blessing you placed on our house. Our house was on the market for several weeks and the day it was blessed was the day it sold!


Since the day we moved into our new house my younger son had told me we were not alone! He sensed the presence of someone. He often would tell me his items were being rearranged and constantly disappearing and then reappearing days later ... Heather's confirmed a spirit, cleared the house of his presence and gave him the opportunity to cross over and join his family.


It is very comforting to know that our home is a clear and peaceful place.


Thank you, Heather, for your time and advice over this past year. You made a difference in this life and your help is very much appreciated. I often remember things that you said--especially comments about journeys--and they continue to resonate.


I do indeed feel clear and optimistic, very much so. I feel blessed and so grateful for ALL of the help I receive. Thank you so much. You do a great job!


I had plantar fasciitis. This problem of severe pain in my feet had been preventing me from standing for longer than 5 minutes at a time, and was referred to as chronic. During my meeting with Heather she addressed the problem and some other things from my past... Literally within 48 hours I immediately overcame the pain. It was ground breaking and remarkable. Thank you Heather for opening up my mind and heart to so much more and for helping me beyond words. I am truly grateful.


Thank you for guiding my friend through this crisis. He has not been demolished by it, as happened in the past, but is moving through with strength and clarity. I wish I had introduced you sooner!


I had a number of sessions with Heather and all of them were amazing. I love how deep her voice arrived, and how colours appeared while my eyes were closed, as dancing in the night. I feel more connected with the Divine, and I have experienced some new sensations in my body. I feel more free, and more open to live a brighten life. We also have worked with spirits and I felt an incredible peace because I felt how my family is in peace. Heather put words where I just have emotions and helped me to understand better the world I belong to, connected with Divinity. All religions talk about the Truth... the certain is the Truth is inside ourselves. Heather does an incredible work in this sense.


This is exactly what I needed. Thank you for facilitating the next step on my path.


I just participated your meditation session and it was wonderful. There is something about the sound of your voice that is very soothing to me. I really needed that tonight. Humans have a way of creating stressful walls around ourselves, your voice and instruction made me realize that tonight and how to release it.


I liked your recording very much. I was feeling so down last week that I was thinking that I should schedule a session with you. I listened to your meditation and it was very calming and reassuring, and seemed to help my energy get back into a more positive flow.